Jenness “Dory” Asby

Well, hi, there!

This site is an online business card for Jenness “Dory” Asby.

I am a
phenomenal wife
bewildered mom
ADD-addled spaz
Deaf chick
intense introvert
multi-medium artist
passionate photographer
imaginative graphic designer
old school blogger
Not necessarily in that order.

I juggle a husband, two sons, two Jack Russell Terriers, five chickens (yes, chickens) while heroically coping with a powerful addiction to Photoshop, my iPhone/iPad/iMac, and social media. I occasionally come out of my office to eat, use the bathroom, and sleep.

I’m a proud business owner…

the green cheetah photo&design logo
the green cheetah photo&design

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I’m a blogger since 2003…

Dory Can't Remember Diddly!
Dory Can’t Remember Diddly!

I write about what’s going on in my life. It’s pretty much a collection of multiple dated stream of consciousnesses. That is, too, a word; I just made it up. BOOM. That just happened.

I have a bunch of cool stuff for sale…

bargain bin

I used to do Passion Parties and Thirty-one, so I have lots of leftover inventory from that. Better you use it than it just sit in my closet, amirite?!

I’m pretty artsy-fartsy, so I also cut bottles to make awesome drinking glasses. I’ve also dabbled in creating woodcrafts, so you should probably check that out, too!

C’mon in, pop a squat and hang out awhile!

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